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A Thousand Times Forever

Client: MAD Arts

Location: Dania Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2024

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Holly Danger

Music Composer

Jeff Schram

Technical support and venue

Mad Arts

Mad Arts


“A Thousand Times Forever” is a video art installation by Holly Danger that reveals the beauty and balance of movement and stillness. As you enter the installation you are surrounded by thousands of suspended strings, illuminated by projections, in an immersive atmosphere of motion, light, and sound. The strings move with the currents in the room, abstracting the projections, and casting shadows and light all around you. The strings serve as a metaphor for the endless whirlwind of thoughts that constantly ebb and flow within us. They convey the complexity of our minds and the challenge of maintaining focus in a world full of distractions. As the strings settle into stillness, you are invited to slow down and shift into the tranquility of the present moment. This work was inspired by the artist’s personal journey to find balance, stillness, and clarity through the practice of daily meditation.


After years of projecting on hard, flat, static surfaces on walls, facades of buildings, rooms and floors, I wanted to explore a more fluid medium that an audience can be a part of. I tested my art on different fabric materials and ultimately found string to be my favorite fun and new surface for projections. The goal was for the light of the projections to bleed through the string creating shadows and light on the walls and floor around the participant, and invite them to move in, around, and through the artwork. There were faux fur pillows and rugs on the floor inviting visitors to stay and lounge to watch the 10 minute loop of audiovisual art unfold.


It was such a seamless process to work with Mad Arts. They created a strong wooden structure to hold my two string curtains into the ceiling, and set up 4 short throw projectors so that we could cover the front and back curtains on both sides with the art I developed. I traveled to FL several times to work on the projection mapping and to test different content in the space. It was an incredible experience and I hope to do it again in the near future!

Additional Information

The art was inspired by my daily practice of Trancedental Meditation. I have been sitting twice a day in meditation since the pandemic started, and since I left my corporate day job of 12 years. What I learned was that when you slow down, thoughts become clear, and life becomes easier. When you are frazzled and hustling, the noise of every day life makes it hard to see. My goal with this work was to use the strings and imagery as a metaphor for our busy lives. When the strings move, it abstracts what we can see, and when they settle into stillness, so do we. What turned out to be a funny surprise to me is that this piece became a jungle gym for all kids who entered. People of all ages smiled and laughed moving through the string, but young kids loved it the most because it was endless entertainment for them to watch the strings move! It was such a fun experience and Mad Arts told me it was a hit at the festival.