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A Runaway Forest


Client: Niche Developments and Lamb Development Corp.

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Industry Resource

Eventscape Inc.


Jaakko Pernu


Niche Developments & Lamb Development Corp.


This towering public art installation was designed for a new condo project in the trendy theatre district of Toronto. Eight 24-foot high custom aluminum sculptures that resemble trees were installed at the exterior courtyard entrance. A pond feature at the base of the trees is part of this impressive artwork. Each of the eight “trees” are approximately 4 1/2-feet wide and fit together like a jigsaw with only a 1” gap between them. Engineered, fabricated and installed by Eventscape, it was designed by Finnish sculptor and environment artist, Jaakko Pernu. Inspired by burning trees he titled it “A Runaway Forest”.


The goal for integrating this artwork into the forecourt of the condo building was to create a "go-to" meeting space in this busy urban entertainment district. Adjacent to theatres, a concert hall and numerous restaurants, the court also includes seating, waterfall and a pond.


The initial challenge was to translate the artist’s desk-top maquette into detailed drawings for the full sized, 24-foot high structures. Each of the eight trees were completely unique, with 8” diameter metal “trunks”, branches out from this trunk and 1/4 “ thick by 2” wide, random patterned metal “twigs” that appear to be continuous from one tree to the next. There were a total of 3 layers of twigs attached to the branches on each face of the trees. Each of the 112 twigs had its own cut file and layer, so precise templating was required for the welders to position and attach each twig. Because of the height of each piece, they were welded while laying horizontally, using a custom template for each layer and suspended on a custom jig to turn them as needed. Structurally independent of each other, these massive structures involved a huge level of complexity. Engineering the details of fabrication and installation of these heavy structures was critical to maintain a vertical plane. All of the tree parts aligned with a precise tolerance, remaining perfectly parallel with equal gaps between them, to allow for movement under wind load.

Additional Information

Installing the art sculptures involved shipping 2 trees per flat bed truck, carefully removing each with a telehandler lift and guiding them down over the bolts. The installers used the spider lift to remove the custom lifting jig and secure the final cap. The custom base required a high level of adaptability to maintain plumbness. The installers made sure that each tree was parallel and stable before moving on to the next. With the addition of landscaping, bench seats and a laser cut patterned pool structure, this public art has become a significant part of the city’s urban culture.