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Our Place In Space

Submitted by Ann Troutner

Client: Cultural Development Authority of King County

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2003

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team


Ann Troutner

Bella Equestre LLC

Industry Resource

Spectrum Glass Company

Spectrum Glass Company

Public Art Agent

Cultural Development Authority of King County

King County 4Culture


“Our Place in Space” (2003) is an expansive 3000 sq. ft. glass terrazzo floor commissioned by the Cultural Development Authority of King County, for the lobby of the King County International Airport, Seattle, WA. Visitors walk from Earth to the moon, just by crossing the airport lobby to the ticket counter. This journey references our fragile place in vast space, by standing on North America, then by walking on the deep, blue glass terrazzo floor, to stand on the moon.


Cultural Development Authority of King County Washington required consideration of historical elements, when being removed in the remodel and to update of the King County International Airport. The artist replaced the traditional marble terrazzo floor with "Our Place In Space." a modern glass terrazzo floor, and included the replacement of black and white checker border lines that had always been there.


The artist developed glass terrazzo floors, as a canvas, and also to work in tandem with the artist's architectural glass walls. Traditional terrazzo technique is updated by using recycled glass aggregate with many colors of matrix. The artist received Annual Recognition Award from National Terrazzo Association for "Shelter" commissioned by Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Additional Information

Ann Troutner works independently, and stopped collaboration with paul marioni, in 2007.