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70 Unique Artworks and Sculpture for the 1 Hotel in Nashville, TN

Client: One Hotel

Location: Nashville, TN, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Andrea Bonfils

Andrea Bonfils Art Studio LLC


Waad El Hadidy

1 Hotel


Andrea makes use of natural and reclaimed materials as well as archetypal symbols of flowers and bees to investigate the interconnectivity between nature and humanity. Andrea was commissioned to create 70 unique artworks for the 1 Hotel that aligned with their environmentally conscious efforts towards water preservation and repurposing.


The goals toward integrating with the hotel's sustainability mission and homesteading decor thematic was critical to the overall commission. The artist and ideals of the 1 Hotel are naturally aligned so this was a relatively simple goal to meet.


Andrea collaborated with the lead designers for the new 1 Hotel in Nashville, TN She created several prototypes with their sustainability mission and homestead thematic in mind. Ultimately 70 unique artworks were created over the following year. Generally these included encaustic paintings on reclaimed wood panels, encaustic (beeswax) paintings on beekeeper panels, and wall sculpture made of reclaimed packaging materials, encaustic wax, and natural fibers.