Invocation - CODAworx


Client: New Brunswick Theological Seminary

Location: New Brunswick, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Juanita Yoder


New Brunswick Theological Seminary

President, New Brunswick Theological Seminary

Dr. Micah McCreary


The eight paintings on silk for the Gregg Mast Chapel reflect the vision of Dr. Mast of the “spiritual thin spaces” existing in this chapel, and the vision of current NBTS president, Dr. Micah McCreary, of “taking the Light out into the cities of the world.” The two large paintings focus on the theme of the Holy Spirit and incorporate the logo and colors of the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, as well as those of the liturgical seasons. The six paintings suspended from the beams express the six liturgical seasons of Pentecost, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent and Easter. The vertical design draws attention to the gorgeous ceiling of this octagonal chapel. Each painting contains motifs and a light area at the same height to create a surrounding of the congregation by color and light. The hues reflect the seminary vision and environment, and are diverse and welcoming.


This beautiful chapel, designed by Farewell Architects, is hexagonally shaped with abundant windows and a skylight. The client was ready for some color to surround the intimate space, and wanted art that would function for liturgical and convocational gatherings. An open space needed to be left on the front wall for image projection and videos. The finished pieces incorporate the ideas expressed regarding liturgy, diversity, and harmony.


The project began with several visits to the chapel and meeting with the liturgical project committee to connect to their vision and the chapels multiple uses. The center of the front of the room is used for projection, so needed to remain open. As I began the painting, it came to me in a contemplative meditation that I needed to start with the six seasons as spiritual preparation to paint the two larger works. While creating this artwork, I was drawn to pray for both inner and outer peace for the larger community. May peace prevail on earth and in our hearts.