Light Cube Club House - CODAworx

Light Cube Club House

Submitted by Kris Lin


Location: Nanjing, China

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Kris Lin

Kris Lin International Design

Interior Designer

Jiayu Yang

Kris Lin International Design


Large area of acrylics is adopted to form many small and luminous acrylic cubes which creates a luminous wall with architecture structure quality through artistic combination.
Acrylics itself is a kind of material which can luminous evenly. Together with LED light and combination of light, shadow and structure, we create a curtain wall of light and shadow. Then make the luminous wall a complete light cube which brings the application of light into full play.


The floating luminous box forms a visual focus seen from afar which is both clear and natural.


We make 1:1 acrylic sample to study the effect of combination between acrylic and LED light as well as how to combine the acrylics into a stable acrylic wall. In this case, the designer uses small acrylic cubes to form a quality wall through different ways of combination and highlights the grains and quality of wall through designing a curtain wall of light and shadow. This not only shows the overall light cube but also present the light and structure through an artistic way.