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Dichroic Blossom

Client: Guo Rui Real Estate Development Company Ltd.

Location: Beijing, China

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $525,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Mike Stoane

Mike Stoane Lighting


Michael Gentz

Foster + Partners


An interactive media artwork for a multi-function hall within a mixed-use development in Beijing. The artwork is reminiscent of a frieze or floral painting and references a Chinese Plum Blossom. A stunning branching effect progresses up the wall dependent on an algorithm which considers the number of people standing next to the wall, their proximity, dwell time and grouping.


Jason Bruges Studio was commissioned by Guo Rui Real Estate Development Company to create an artwork that would connect the building with a strong narrative and breathe life into the vast lobby space with colour and animation.

Programmed to be interactive and change appearance according to different times of the day, different seasons and activities, Dichroic Blossom offers a wonderful spectacle for visitors while providing an ongoing point of interest for workers who use the space more regularly. As a contemporary depiction of the Chinese plum blossom it provides a timeless, compelling visual of one of the most beloved flowers in China.

The plum blossom has been frequently depicted in Chinese art and poetry for centuries.


Jason Bruges Studio worked very closely with Foster Partners, to come up with concepts that would both compliment and animate the architectural design of the multi-function hall. Through regular design workshops and reviews with the client they developed an artwork that was integrated and sensitive to the site. The Studio was committed to sourcing materials locally where possible and collaborated with a Beijing-based glass manufacturer to create the dichroic glass prisms.