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One Sun Argentina


Location: Cordoba, Argentina

Completion date: 1993

Project Team


Judy Sutton Moore



University of Cordoba

University of Cordoba


The One Sun project is on the campus of the National University of Cordoba. The wall design is reminiscent of Pre-Columbian architecture. The symbols were inspired by the art and artifacts of that period. As one moves through the doorway one passes from the past to the future. The design of the columns and domes were influenced by the Spanish colonial period. Moving through the columns one emerges onto the future, the platform, the place for the expression of ideas. In the floor of the platforms are 12 individual designs created by students and local artists.


The One Sun project was created as an avenue of communication between people around the world. The project provides the opportunity for people of diverse backgrounds to work together while learning about our world and its inhabitants. As each community unites to complete its own project they will learn about themselves as well as the other communities world-wide. The success of the One Sun project is in the desire of individuals to create a world of better understanding and acceptance for themselves and their children. We protect what we love, we love what we know and we accept what we understand.


Throughout the process the artist worked in coordination with Silvia Bonet, the director of the visual arts department at the University of Cordoba in Cordoba, Argentina. A design for the site was developed and approved. Local craftsmen were employed to build the architectural structure. Students and area artist created personal designs to be casted and place in the floor of the stage. The alignment pole was fabricated by the artist and placed on the top of the dome. The many hours of working together created many lasting friendship

Additional Information

Location: The National University of Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina. Materials: Brick, Stainless Steel, Concrete. Dimensions: 15' x 15' x 20'H. The One Sun, One Earth, One Peace was a world community project involving ten sculptures located around the world in nine countries. Each sculpture was unique, symbolic and reflective of the land, the culture and the people of its site. An alignment pole was the only common element unifying the sites around the world.