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Healing through Color and Light

Submitted by Pavarini Design

Client: Cohen Children’s Medical Center/Ronald McDonald House

Location: Long Island, NY, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

Interior Designer

J. Randall Tarasuk

Pavarini Design


Charles Pavarini III

Pavarini Design


Paul Thomas


Soothing and therapeutic, Pavarini’s en suite bedroom for the Ronald McDonald House comforts and embraces its guests. The room explores the healing qualities of form, color, and light – a place where family can decompress and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. Equipped with a sophisticated Vantage lighting control system, the room is designed to effectuate the healing properties of color and light by transforming the room's ambient color to the desired color to healing effects of specific colors.


The entire space is a commission artwork. In addition, the commissioned painting by Paul Thomas, the artist who's work inspired the direction, sets the tone for the chromatic environment which puts all focus on color and away from reality. There is even an RGB LED lighting strip in the window to alter what appears to be daylight from the window. Beyond the materials specification, the lighting system an all of it's components define the function of the space: to heal through color and light.


All of us at Pavarini Design have been working diligently through the summer on the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. We committed to providing a home away from home for a family living on the grounds of the Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York. Given our extensive knowledge and experience with color and light, we are in the process of mounting a revolutionary space that will function to ally some of the anxiety and emotional pressure that having a child living with a severe illness could bring.

The theme of our room is Healing through Color and Light. Integrated with an advanced LED lighting system and controlled by an innovative Vantage Control System, the room presents color-changing scenic modes from sources hidden in the walls, windows, and furnishings. Equally therapeutic, the chromatherapy bathroom featuring an air-bagné chroma spa tub and coordinating faucets work with the custom interior design to provide solace and escape to ease the mind and spirit. We have been working with an inspiring team of vendors to custom print textiles, hand assemble mosaics and procure extensive products and services to create a dynamic room for a family in need.

Additional Information

We raised over $10,000 through our campaign effort to offset costs for the families in need of this room while their child undergoe treatment at the Cohen's Children's Medical Center.