Submitted by Rafael Martinez

Client: Rafael Martinez Ruiz

Location: Ponce, PR, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Rafael Martinez

Rafael Martinez

landscape assistant

Esther Torres

Rafael Martinez


INNOVATION AND ORIGINAL CREATION, is the perfect description for the 3D PVC PROJECT and MURAL. This concept transgresses its practical use what does the pvc pipe for plumbing have. Through this material i discover a new language in the genre of contemporary sculpture for interilor , exterior, pedestal, floor, ceiling and wall.
This project is located in my land of 1032 square meters. Like every artist i always wanted to make my ideal habitat in a space for family and professional inspiration and contemplative. Here i decided to integrate the surrounding nature and equally the Mother Nature mural created since 2022. This one measure 210 feet long by 6 feet high. Is it made of 100% acrylic exterior paint on concrete.
The 3D PVC PROJECT and MURAL consist of 7 sculptures in 6 inch wide pvc pipe with dimensions that reach up to 12 feet in length or heigh. Is heat moulding an important factor in these sculptures, as well as the cut of the pvc pipe, the sanding and the painting of the same.


The integration of the 3D PVC PROJECT and MURAL, to the surrounding nature is key. Is a direct integration wigh the earth realized by literally burying the pieces in the landscape. Also on more that one occasion, the sculpture is embedded directly with the trees (without causing damage) forming part of these in their develoment. In all the pieces, the metal effect (trompe l oeil ) is achieved in combination with bright colors a in the mural, thus achieving an integration and contrast with all the surrounding space and design.
It is important to point out the concept of integration and the combine the sculptural genre with the pictorial and equally the pictorial and natural factor to the sculpture.These are original creations made by me in the two aforementioned disciplines.


This project was born from my desire and need to create an ideal habitat based on the natural landscape design, created by the assistant Esther Torres and me. This stimulated my sculptural and pictorial creations, which entails the realization of pieces literally planted on my land as well as the realization of the mural on the concrete fence.
The planting of plants and trees was basically guided by the individual preference of each of the two that formed the team, and based on that, the design and size of the land, this server proceeded with the concept design and colors of the artistic pieces, including the mural, of course. The different types of plants and trees planted here suggested to me part of the style and characteristic of the pieces of art to be executed. This project has been the perfect integration and interaction between art and nature, while giving me the opportunity to express the original and innovative sculptural concept that i have been working on for several years, and that has found its best expression and maturity preciselly in this project.
The tridimensional pieces in pvc tube (plumbing pipe) is a language of my own, which i began some years ago, with functional art concept sculptures until its current full develoment at a sculptural level.

Additional Information

Is it important to emphasize the innovation and originality in the use of this material to make it an additional alternative in artistic expression within the genre of contemporary sculpture. Is this alternative can it also be combined with various materials such as wood, paint, plastic, metal, glass etc. The pvc tube is a material that resistant: hot water, sun, rain, dust, enamel spray paint, molding heat, moth etc. With this material you can make pieces for the interior: wall, ceiling, pedestal and floor. Piece can also be made for the exterior taking into account the factor of wind, sun, snow etc. which entails adaption in terms of design and coloring. This concept of sculpture is an open door to enter a world of artistic and economic production, it only requires being recognized as such. Available photos of pieces (if necessary) on this sculptural concept made in some cases for interior. Thank you so much