2K Games Rose Wall - CODAworx

2K Games Rose Wall

Submitted by Planted Design


Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $70,000

Project Team

Planted Design

2K Games


Built for the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) at the Los Angeles Convention Center, this wall reflected the imagery of 2K Games’ hallmark project, Borderlands 3. The 256-sq ft piece boasts over 8,300 preserved rose heads, all hand placed in front of lush red reindeer moss. Spanning the 28 foot-wide double staircase above the expo floor, the rose wall stood 12 feet at its tallest. This large statement piece was flanked on both sides by the cover art for Borderlands 3, advertised pre-release at the expo. Our rose wall was a way for 2K Games to hype visitors about the upcoming release with the vibrant and stunning beauty of a wall of red roses.


This gorgeous installation overlooked the expo floor with a 256-sq ft wall of preserved red roses. Designed to celebrate the release of Borderlands 3, the wall evoked the roses featured in the video game’s cover art. Made up of ten smaller panels, the wall featured over 8,300 red roses of three sizes, all hand placed onto a background of red reindeer moss. This larger-than-life logo doubles as a light box, allowing the acrylic facing to shine brilliantly against the contrast of the red wall. The logo is attached by standoffs, protecting the roses underneath from damage and giving it an impactful presence on the piece. The Los Angeles Convention Center saw over 66,000 attendees for the expo, all of whom could certainly smell the roses from anywhere on the floor. With a gathering focused on screens and technology, we were inspired by the opportunity to provide this artificial world some natural beauty. Though the space was dark and lacked natural light, the addition of our rose wall gave the space a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere. In creating a wall that would sit as the backdrop to a staircase, we designed a deep frame to protect the roses from damage. This protected the piece on top as well, since the platform above provided visitors a raised perch from which to watch the