2K Foundations and Damian Lillard basketball court mural - Boys and Girls Club, Oakland - CODAworx

2K Foundations and Damian Lillard basketball court mural – Boys and Girls Club, Oakland

Submitted by Ashleigh Sumner

Client: 2K Foundations

Location: Oakland, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $27,000

Project Team

art, design, installation



Project Managment

Catherine Farrell

2K Foundations


This project was funded and made possible by NBA 2K Foundations and NBA basketball star, Damian Lillard. I was the selected artist who designed and installed two, 12ft x 24ft mixed-media murals that were applied directly to a maplewood basketball court at the newly refurbished gymnasium of the Boys and Girls Club. The end result was mural that operates as a fully functional indoor basketball court for the community of West Oakland. The visual elements used in this piece included landmarks of the city of Oakland, licensed images of Damian Lillard, and text from Damian Lillard’s rap lyrics, “Home Team.” Mixed media materials used in the work include Bona Super Sport court paint, collage, silkscreen with ink, and spray paint. The space is primarily used by children so a palette of bright blues, pinks and yellows was selected. “Great Futures Start Here” is a slogan of the Boys and Girls Club and was featured throughout the mural. The text, “Calm but alert. Relaxed but ready. Smooth but sharp. Humble but confident” has personal significance to Damian Lillard and was stenciled along the baseline on both sides of the floor. Project completed in 2022.


The goal was to create a mural that was visually representational of the West Oakland community and inviting to children. The challenge was how to create an original piece of artwork with mixed media elements that maintained the durability of a fully functional basketball court. Several parties were involved in the project; 2K Foundations, NBA athlete and Oakland native, Damian Lillard and The Boys and Girls Club of Oakland. The goal was to integrate visual elements that had meaning and resonated with all parties involved while still working visually as a work of art.


Collaboration between 2K Foundations, Damian Lillard, The Boys and Girls Club, flooring contractors and myself was ongoing for a year before installation. Conversations provided insight into how the West Oakland community wanted to represented while also considering the historical relevance the Oakland Boys and Girls Club has within the community. There was also great deal of consideration in how to visually weave in text that was personally significant and unique to the Damian Lillard while also staying true to the overall mission and representation of 2K Foundations. Lastly, there was a significant amount of collaboration between myself and the floor contractors in regards to what was possible with materials. I experimented in the studio for a year with maplewood and sporting floor finish to make sure all media (silkscreen and ink, collage, adhesive and spray paint ) could successfully be applied and maintain durability not only as a work of art but as a fully functional basketball court. I presented a scaled down draft of the proposed floor. With a few tweaks, a draft was approved by all parties involved (2K Foundations, Boys and Girls Club and Damian Lillard).

Additional Information

I installed the artwork in 2 Weeks with no assistants.