Video + Photo for 2023 Meta Open Arts Installations (Northeast) - CODAworx

Video + Photo for 2023 Meta Open Arts Installations (Northeast)

Submitted by OWLEY Studios

Client: Meta Open Arts

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Media Producer

Bradford Devins

OWLEY Studios


Meta Open Arts

Meta Open Arts


Producing video and photo for 12 murals and 2 sculptures at Meta’s new offices in the James A. Farley Building in New York City.

Timur Si-Qin’s 4-story rendered metal tree sculpture based on photogrammetry, “Sacred Footprint”: 2 narrative short videos, 50+ process and final photos;
Baseera Khan’s sculpture and mural, “Second Skin’: 2 narrative short videos, 50+ process and final photos;
Heidi Howard and Esteban Cabeza de Baca’s 10 murals and studio visit: 2 narrative short videos, 100+ process and final photos.

Our videos from the project:


Integrating video coverage of these installations, with narration from the artists, immerses viewers into the importance of each artwork's motifs and meanings while ideally empathizing with their stories of human connectivity, environmental awareness, and culture. The videos are meant to amplify the artists' voices while emphasizing the value of the project as a whole. Documenting the process through photography allows for viewers to appreciate the techniques each artist uses to create these works.

Timur Si-Qin's "Sacred Footprint" represents cultural, environmental, and technological connectivity through helical tree limbs and various foliage from around the world.

Bassera Khan's "Second Skin" is an installation of a Corinthian column sculpture clad in Kashmiri textile, alongside their adjacent mural. Baseera subverts its colonial symbolism by wrapping it with handmade silk rugs from Kashmir, exploring the meaning of culture by “wrapping power with power.” In the accompanying mural, Baseera reminds the viewer of the power of traditional craft to reconnect us to what has been lost through changes in culture.

Heidi and Esteban's murals and triptych paintings are representative of environmental awareness and portals into viewing our ecological responsibility.