1540 Broadway Lobby - CODAworx

1540 Broadway Lobby

Submitted by Karen Lemmert

Client: Edgefund Advisors

Location: New York City, NY, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Art Consultant

Julie Ratner

Artworx Consultants

Art Consultant

Golie Maumee

Artworx Consultants

Art Consultant

Alexandra Stoller


Building Chief Engineer

Sal Ayub

CBRE Property Management


Kem Gobin

Absolute Electric


The sculpture, ‘Free Falling Duos,’ is an assemblage of twenty (22) mirrored, translucent, and dichroic acrylic linear elements, each 4 to 6 feet long, is a landscape grounded in mathematical concepts. The work, 23′ wide x 15′ high, is an additive process of unit grouping and organization. In using basic geometric forms, translated color and illumination, complexity and less inherent rhythms emerge.

The units vary in size and configuration. Each is independently connected via the grout joints of the granite-paneled surface and portions of each unit are counterbalanced. Generated with symmetry, the work establishes linear patterns and is extended with directed internal point lighting. The initial construct is further altered with changes in ambient lighting and/ or by daylighting. A dialectic condition occurs, strong in contrast. Duality exists in its present and potential presentation.

The work is part of a series based on symmetrical elemental unit studies relating to time, space and existence.


For the site-specific commission, it was essential for the artwork to be reflective of the distinctive architecture and famed location that characterizes 1540 Broadway. Swatchroom and Artwork consultants felt Lemmert's work was in alignment. The geometry of triangular panels refract light into multi-colored prisms relateing to the energy of the surrounding environment and the Times Square Ball. Upon a closer approach, the linear strands evoke the enchanting visual of the falling confetti and shadow that flutters down from our rooftop every New Year’s Eve.