Jill Anholt Studio

3 West 3rd Avenue- Suite 230
Vancouver, BC CA
V5Y 3T8

Phone: 604-910-5455

Mobile: 604-910-5455

Website: http://www.jillanholt.ca/

Profile Type: artist

  • Architectural Walls
  • Commemorative
  • Experiential and Interactive
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Landscape and Water
  • Light Art
  • Public Works
  • Sculpture
  • Suspended and Mobiles

Jill Anholt is a visual artist based in Vancouver, B.C. whose practice ranges from complex integrated works in parks, civic spaces and transportation hubs to smaller scale installations in buildings, sidewalks and public plazas across North America. Her work explores hidden stories, systems and qualities of a particular place which she weaves together into dynamic spatial installations that invite active engagement with viewers. The works are strongly rooted within the context they are situated, however they also seek to re-frame the viewer's experience of their surroundings, drawing attention to the the world around them in unexpected ways. The intention of all of Jill's works is to create connections between people, and between people and place through surprising moments of discovery, revelation and/or transformation.

My Projects

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