5264 Boul St-Laurent
Montréal, Quebec CA
H2T 1S1

Phone: (514) 243-6391

Mobile: (514) 466-7192

Website: https://mirari.art

Profile Type: artist

  • Experiential and Interactive
  • Light Art
  • Technology
  • Video and Projection Mapping

Founded in 2015 in Montreal, mirari imagines spaces, installations and works that transform public perception. Our team of creators draws this know-how from its deep experience in the world of performing arts. mirari is above all a story of encounters: those that it voluntarily provokes between the spectator and the work, but also those unexpected that occur in the course of exchanges and dialogues with our customers and collaborators. This relationship with others is constantly at the heart of our team's creative process. We use the tools and media specific to the performing arts to play with the viewer's gaze and breathe meaning and poetry into the different places that we transform. A tangible and resolutely human imprint shines through in the many projects that mirari designs for the stage, public space and major events. Our universal ideas transcend borders. mirari collaborates with clients from here and abroad, forging unique links between Montreal and Japan, via New Zealand, Europe and Peru, to name a few.

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