The memorable artistic style of Dennis RedMoon Darkeem is influenced by his African-American and Yamassee Yat’siminoli heritage. An alum of Pratt Institute, Darkeem works in many mediums, and his art has appeared in major cultural institutions across New York City, such as the MoMA and La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. Important themes in his oeuvre include strengthening connections between community networks and nature symbols. Expressing fundamental truths about his works, Darkeem notes: “I incorporate traditional craft customs, storytelling, history, and connections to earth and water. I’m inspired to build community through my art and to create spaces, workshops, for diverse communities to be engaged and inspired by my art.

My Projects

  • Family and Friends : Honoring the Nine Mounds of Verona

    Artist, Educator, Community and Cultural Practitioner. My work is inspired by creating community, reflecting on history, environment, and human connections. My practice incorporates building on layers of new and old experiences to form new narratives. My work is mixed media and multidimensional, which allows experiences of being engaged, enlightened, and educated. I use installation, photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, sound, and performance as vessels to balance ideas of transformation, Honor, and the future generation. My aesthetic is inspired by my cultural background as a descendant of Wind clan band of Yamassee Creek-Yat’siminoli of the Southeast ( South Carolina, Florida & Mexico), the descendant of the Mound Builders. In this work Family and Friends, I celebrate the diverse, rich culture and customs of indigenous country. I honor the Ancestral Nine Mounds. The number nine is a traditional ceremonial number too many Muskogean people. I wanted to acknowledge the Mounds in Verona and all the existing Mounds in Wisconsin. This work size is 15ft x 24ft made from precious stones and painted ceramic tiles.

  • Patchwork Travlers at Penn Station 34 Street New York City

    My process of creating is collaging past, present and new works to create new narratives. My work explores themes of indigenous cultural connections to land and water, connections to history and present times, using traditional objects and storytelling to create acknowledgment, awareness and Enlightenment around East Coast indigenous customs and Art.