CODAsummit: Art, Technology and Place

October 4–6, 2023 San Jose, CA

The only conference focused on the exciting ways creative professionals are using art and technology to change the way we experience our environments.


Sonic Runway was created by a team of artists including lead artist Rob Jensen, co-lead Warren Trezevant, and design by Stockhausen

Welcome to CODAsummit San Jose - the premier conference that explores the intersection of Art, Technology and Place! Join us for this incredibly inspiring and intensely fun gathering where creative professionals of all sizes and shapes come together to reimagine placemaking art that fosters joy and delight.

San Jose, the birthplace of art+technology and the largest city in Silicon Valley, welcomes us with open arms; they are ready to shine a spotlight on the diverse ways in which art and technology can transform our urban landscapes.

This 2.5-day conference offers a series of engaging presentations, showcases, and panel discussions. Learn from leading art figures to find vision, strategies and effective practices to shake your imagination up a bit.  Explore topics such as sustainability, inclusivity, and the impact of art on community development.  Connect with top public art administrators and other commissioners, as well as those most important collaborators who extend our creativity and resources.  And oh, did we mention the parties?!

Whether you are an artist seeking to explore new mediums, a city planner looking to revitalize public spaces, or are simply passionate about the transformative power of art, this conference offers a platform to learn, share ideas, and be inspired. Together, let's envision a future where art enriches our cities and connects us all.

October 4 - 6, 2023 San Jose, CA

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CODAsummit is presented by CODAworx, the global online community that celebrates design projects featuring commissioned artworks.