CODAsummit: Art, Technology and Place

October 16-18, 2024 Cincinnati, OH

Industry Presentations

These 20-minute sessions feature top companies that collaborate with artists to create successful artwork installations. Industry presentations run in two simultaneous tracks, six at a time. Check the agenda for the time and location of these sessions. 

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Becoming the Missing Piece; Limitless Technique In a Limited Landscape

Mark Sabatino – Owner/ President, Gizmo

Joey Sabatino – Marketing Associate, Gizmo

Take a walk through Gizmo’s journey into becoming a leader in the industry of art fabrication. With visualizations on how seemingly unthinkable projects with surprising constraints become massive undertakings of design, proposition and above all else - creativity!

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Engineering Awe-Inspiring Sculptures and Giving Back to Our Community

Alireza Lahijanian – Co-Founder, Rbhu Engineering

Selinda Martinez – Co-Founder, Rbhu Engineering

Rbhu takes you on a journey into a few case studies and shares valuable tips from their 15 years of expertise in engineering large-scale art sculptures, while also emphasizing the significance of actively seeking ways to contribute to our community's well-being.

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From Analogue to Digital: Creating Modern Art

Tom Bollinger – Managing Owner, Bollinger Atelier

Jacob Sterenberg – General Manager + Digital Specialist, Bollinger Atelier

From intricately delicate details to monumental-sized public art projects, learn how a modern art foundry effectively incorporates innovative technologies into the lost wax casting process in order to meet an artist, designer, or studio's visions and budgets.

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Art as an Engine: Creating Thriving Communities through Public Art

Sean Orlando – Founder and CEO, Engineered Artworks, Seaport Studios, Artifact Logistics

Public art is an engine for cultural and economic value within communities. Building the structures for supporting art and artists in the community can lead to inclusive opportunities, thriving local economies, and the next generation of exhilarating public spaces.

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Johnson Atelier Digital

Keppie ­— Business Development Officer at Digital Atelier LLC

Join us as we review recent projects made at the Johnson Atelier. As fabricators and collaborators, we will unpack the process of problem solving that drives our daily interactions with artists.


"Only Love Can Do That" from La Metro to Grand Central

Erica Behrens – Director, USA/Canada, Mayer of Munich Studio

Carol Warner – Senior Art Advisor, Mayer of Munich Studio

Founded in 1847, Mayer of Munich maintains a reputation of working with the highest quality standards and materials to continuously develop new artistic and architectonic expressions in industrial “float glass” and innovative mosaics. Our studio focuses on building strong and enduring relationships with artists, designers, architects, art consultants and public art agencies. These connections, ongoing conversations, and visionary designs lead to extraordinary public projects. We will share with you some recent installations and discuss how our studio worked with these artists to use composition and collaboration to invigorate public spaces and inspire viewers far and wide.

Mayor of Munich

From Ideas to Icons: Crafting Artist Visions

Nick Moser – Accounts Director, One Hat One Hand

Marcus Guillard – Chief Creative Director, Founder, One Hat One Hand

Executing and delivering the Artist’s vision requires meaningful conversations and collaboration from concept to installation. Understanding and preserving the Artist’s intent from the outset of a project as it evolves is a complex process that requires thoughtfully and expertly guiding the artist through the process while managing expectations. New technologies and advanced design tools, such as parametric modeling, help inform the creative process and allow the artist to pre-visualize their complex projects and concepts while maintaining the artist's intent. Come explore the exciting path from vision to authentically realizing your vision and goals.

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Maximizing Magnetism – Placemaking with Artful Applications of Technology

Sean McChesney – Vice President of Sales, Electrosonic, Inc.

Sarah Ouellet – Creative Director, Float4

Christian Bannister – Experience Design Director, Gensler

Join us for a fireside chat about creating and integrating immersive digital experiences into public spaces. We’ll pull back the curtain and discuss the design and build of digital activations, artful content, and unique canvases that bring top tier built environments to life.


Twist & Shout: How to Stay Agile When Projects Change

Brian McCutcheon – Owner & Creative Director, Ignition Arts

Zach Young – Senior Computational Design & Fabrication Manager, Ignition Arts

Public art and architecture projects evolve rapidly from start to finish. Brian McCutcheon and Zach Young discuss how Ignition Arts develops fabrication strategies that adapt to the twists and turns inherent to building for public environments.

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Public Art, Policy and Community Engagement: How Art Creates Change

Shannon Riley – CEO + Founder, Building 180

Meredith Winner – COO + Co-Founder, Building 180

Building 180 co-founders discuss how public art shapes our collective environment, instills civic pride and is a catalyst for real policy change. Public art reinforces the foundation of our communities, boosting social capital and improving local economies.

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Getting There – the Collaborative Process from Concept to Completion

Jim Brenner – Sculptor / Founder, James Brenner sculpture

Michael Cohen – IALD, IES, Principal, Schuler Shook Lighting Design

Our philosophy is that public art should be impactful to the community and reflective of its’ surrounding physical, cultural, and social landscape. We create interdisciplinary public sculptures that enhance and embellish an environment that supports and accentuates the use of that space. Each piece is site specific, born from that place, creating interdisciplinary public sculptures that are reflective of their surrounding environments and social character. Critical listening, engaging with the stakeholders, and integrating site specific references converge and coalesce into the project. Collaboration is the key to achieving these goals, a process that synthesizes the client’s intent, the public’s input, the artists’ vision, the design team’s implementation, and the end users’ experience.

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