CODAsummit: Art, Technology and Place

October 16-18, 2024 Cincinnati, OH

Artist Showcases

15-minute presentations by artists who work in augmented reality, video projections, digital mapping, data visualization, sound…and much more. Featuring eight presentations, with two tracks running simultaneously. Check the agenda for the time and location of these sessions. 

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The 2023 Artist Showcases are sponsored by GGI

General Glass International (GGI) is a 5th generation family owned and operated decorative glass manufacturer, specializing in digital ceramic frit printing. The first company to bring this technology to the United States, GGI has been an industry leader in digital printing and public art for 15 years, innovating and working with Artists to bring their work to the built environment in ways not previously possible.

Artist Julie Richey is the winner of the CODAsummit – General Glass International (GGI) What Glass Can Do CompetitionJulie's project "Aspen Trees" has been digitally printed on glass from watercolor paper and on display at CODAsummit San Jose. 


Stephen Balik

Stephen Balik, Vice President of Business Development, represents the 5th generation of the Balik family. With a focus on decorative glass + product development, Stephen leads a team that has been working with artists for years to help bring their visions to life in new mediums, impacting private & public spaces, neighborhoods and cities. across the country.

Konrad Urbanowicz

Konrad Urbanowicz

Architectural glass art by ARCHIGLASS studio

The CODAawards 2022 winner shares the process of creating large-scale glass installations in diverse site-specific locations, including the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, Supreme Court in Warsaw, Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic or Wrocław University of Technology, Poland.


Joseph O'Connell

Technology for Physical Interaction

Joseph O’Connell and his company Creative Machines have pioneered many novel technologies used in public art over the past 28 years. In this presentation, O’Connell shares some exciting new technologies they are developing and also takes a look back at what technologies have stood the test of time in permanent installations.

Carlos Luna James

Carlos Luna James

The fusion of art, storytelling, A.I., and blockchain
Witness how technology breathes life into immersive narratives. Learn how A.I. elevates storytelling and discover how blockchain safeguards the essence of art. From immersive installations to my current project “Awakening”. 
Sally Weber
Craig Newswanger

Sally Weber & Craig Newswanger

"Entangled Attraction" is a light and sound installation that immerses viewers in a field of dimensional, orbiting light trails seen physically above their heads. The mind and eye sees far more than what the camera can capture. “Entangled Attraction” was developed in 2022 and was exhibited at the San Francisco Exploratorium through April 2023, and viewed by over 50,000 visitors during that time.

Kevin Winkler
Amelia Morris

Kevin Winkler & Amelia Morris

Blockhouse Studios LLC

Blockhouse Studios is a large-scale digital installation production company specializing in creating unique and immersive experiences. Combining bespoke cinematography techniques and the latest projection technology, Blockhouse creates stunning shows for both private and public audiences. 

Nathaniel Can Ancheta

Nathaniel Cas Ancheta

In his work, Nathaniel explores the captivating fusion of creativity and sustainability through three of his public art installations that harness the power of solar technology. He delves into the intersection of artistry and eco-consciousness, discussing how solar technology transforms these installations into dynamic symbols of our relationship toward an electric future

Gill Gatfield

Gill Gatfield

Renowned New Zealand international artist, Gill Gatfield invites you on a journey through ancient sites and unique landscapes, as she redefines the potential of sculpture in the immersive world of the Metaverse. Exploring the nature of humanity in the Anthropocene, Gill’s artworks create poetic spaces where people can consider notions of Other and Self, and build community through public art activations that bridge physical and digital worlds.

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