Commission Tips: Determining Artist Design Fees

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | February 21, 2013

We asked five artists to share their design fee rates and deliverables—the variety of their responses just might surprise you. Read More

Visual Communication: From Artist Imagination to Project Proposal

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | February 20, 2013

It took two years for Nancy Lovendahl to create “The Gathering,” a sculpted stone seating commission for residential clients in Colorado. Learn how careful planning, design, and collaboration made it such a success. Read More

Commission Accomplished: The Westin Washington Dulles Airport Hotel

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | February 15, 2013

ArtMatters president Stacy Sklaver describes how the “best mishap ever” resulted in the perfect work of art for The Westin Dulles Airport Hotel. read more

Artist Feature: Paula Slater

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | February 4, 2013

A full-time professional sculptor for the past twenty years, Paula Slater takes the time needed to bring each exquisite detail of her work to life—and loves doing it. read more

Visual Communication: From Artist Imagination to Project Proposal

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | January 9, 2013

Daniel Goldstein created this video to win a commission for an atrium sculpture at Texas State University. The project was completed and installed December 2012. read more

Commission Tips: Establishing Roles & Responsibilities in Commission Art Projects

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | January 8, 2013

Teresa Cox, True Fisher, and Michael Bauermeister share their advice on successfully establishing the roles and responsibilities of those involved in a commission art project. read more

Artist Feature: Cassandra Tondro

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | January 7, 2013

Inspired by her upbringing during the 1960s and its “back to the land” movement, Cassandra Tondro incorporates environmental values in her work. read more

Commission Accomplished: Eldorado Gold Corporation

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | January 1, 2013

Sometimes a commissioned work of art provides a practical solution. Such was the case for Celine Pitre, who worked with Markian Olynyk to design an office space for Eldorado Gold. read more