Submitted by Heather Hancock Studio


Client: Partners by Design

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $6,500

Project Team


Heather Hancock

Heather Hancock Studio

Program Manager / Interior Designer

Hannah Maletich

Partners by Design


Activated by light and motion, GROW offers a “living wall” in a luminous experience relevant to biophilia design. Urban-inspired geometries and textures vary and repeat as a vine growing on a concrete wall.


PartnersByDesign firm specified a 48”x30” piece from my GROW series for a Chicago law firm. The PBD design plan incorporates natural indoor ‘parks’ with plantings and natural light incorporated into space design throughout the firm. A custom piece from my GROW series connects with the biophilic concept for the office space.


Abstracted text forms intertwine with a graphic organic pattern. Etching in the concrete creates another layer of information for close up viewing.

Additional Information

Heather Hancock is a Chicago artist embracing the materials of contemporary architecture—glass and concrete—to capture the energy of the urban environment. Heather uses glass because of its unique capacity to catch light and engage viewers. Her work pairs urban inspired form cut in glass with the transitory qualities of light. The work comes alive with even a tiny glimmer of light or viewers’ motion to offer an infinitely variable visual experience. Glass possesses the contradictory qualities of being both fragile and impossibly strong. The interplay of glass and light is ephemeral but the pieces themselves are enduring.