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Bright Layers of Transformation & Healing: Lea de Wit’s Illuminating Glassworks Inspired by Nature

New York Proton Center

Lea de Wit creates glass sculptures that glow and shimmer in tones that resemble gemstones and embers. “I love working with color. One of my first loves in art before glassblowing was painting. I approach color with my glasswork in a painterly manner. I layer color upon color to build intensity and vibrancy, playing with varying amounts of opacity and transparency to create depth and dimension. Additionally, my compositions tend to incorporate color transitions to add visual impact and activate the space for which the work has been designed.”

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Jonathan Brown: Mosaic for all Mediums


Talk with mosaic artist Jonathan Brown, and you get the distinct impression that his work is, for him, a form of play. He’s become a master of his craft in the nearly twenty-six years since founding his company, Modern Mosaics,

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Redefining the Public Artist: Franz Mayer of Munich Architectural Glass and Mosaics

A listed structure, Theodor Fischer built this distinctive workshop on Stiglmaierplatz in 1923. The building features big, bright workshops, studios, offices, exhibitions spaces and artist studios as well as the pavilion by Betz Architekten which is used for Float Glass painting. The workshops and offices offer artists 32,000 square feet of space to create artworks.

In the heart of Bavaria’s capital city lies the Kunstareal, the museum quarter, home to some of Germany’s most famous museums, massive stone and glass buildings showcasing world-class collections of art, sculpture, and artifacts from centuries past. But travel just

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