Welcome to the October issue of CODAmagazine, where we share the best design + art projects from all over the world. This magazine is published once a month by CODAworx. We’re an online community for artists, design professionals, and industry resources to showcase their work, collaborate with one another, and find the creative resources they need for future projects.

Unlocking the creative potential of information is what was on our minds when we chose “Driven by Data” as the theme for this month. We are always interested in the use of data sets and technology to help viewers visualize information and concepts. The amazing talent in the CODAworx community is able to communicate, through their artwork, patterns and trends in important areas of concern, such as climate change and social issues.

How are projects changing the ways we interpret and remember numbers, values, and ideas? What are the best display options to convey messages and metaphors? At what points in the process does data impact design? Data is generated in enormous quantities, at rapid speeds, and in distinct forms, giving artists and designers chances to share their knowledge and tell their stories in particularly detailed ways. Aurora Clouds is an artwork in New Mexico which represents solar wind activity by using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Artist Morgan Barnard and the team at Ideum collaborated to include over 8,000 LED lights in the project!

Another remarkable creation is Virtual Depictions: San Francisco, a project which has processed data added to it since its installation, and which contains 6.7 million pixels. Made by artist Refik Anadol in collaboration with SNA Displays for Kilroy Realty and the City of San Francisco government, it elevates visual storytelling to new highs. This magazine also introduces CODAworx Changemakers, a new column which will periodically bring more information to readers about the leaders influencing major art and design movements. Photographer, chef, and former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold’s accomplishments with the help of data are the subject of this first article in the series.

In this issue, you’ll learn about projects from Susan Narduli, Jacob van der Beugel, Bill Washabaugh, and Zolty - all of whom will be making appearances at CODAsummit: The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place in addition to Myhrvold, who is delivering a keynote address on Friday, Oct. 14th. They will be joined by hundreds of industry professionals at the conference who are interested in learning, networking, and having fun. I am counting down the days until members of our community connect in beautiful Denver, Colorado, and I hope to see many of you there!