RFQ: Concept and Schematic Design Phase: Memorial for the Legacy of 87 Adams in Downtown Memphis, TN

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    Legacy of 87 Adams Committee

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    Memphis, Tennessee, United States

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    Legacy of 87 Adams Committee

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    [email protected]

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  • Brief Description

    This initiative will illuminate the long-hidden history of 87 Adams Avenue during the height of Memphis’ role in trading enslaved laborers. This property is directly across the street from the Shelby County Courthouse and near the present site of Calvary’s current altar which was an 1880 addition–a startling juxtaposition of the sacred and the profane. Now part of an alley and paved over for church and courthouse parking, this haunting legacy of 87 Adams has not been fully revealed. Our coalition of local faith leaders, racial justice advocates, scholars of African American history, and lifelong church members is deeply committed to confronting the past of this place. We seek to surface the site’s repressed history, tell the truth about the systemic injustices perpetrated in this sacred space, create a space for collective remembrance, and lay the groundwork for City-wide reconciliation and healing.