City of Fort Lauderdale-Holiday Park Mural

  • Commissioning Entity

    City of Fort Lauderdale

  • Application Open Date


  • Application Deadline Date


  • Minimum Budget


  • Maximum Budget


  • Location of Commission

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

  • Geographic Eligibilty


  • Contact Name

    Joshua Carden

  • Contact Email

    [email protected]

  • Contact Phone

    (954) 828-5044

  • Commission Document

    View Link Document

  • Brief Description

    The City of Fort Lauderdale invites proposals from individual artists or creative groups for a commissioned project that involves conceptualizing and painting a permanent, protected artwork on a city park building. This project aims to capture the essence of the park and the surrounding community. The designated site for this artistic endeavor is the Activity Center, situated along one of the city's busiest streets, Federal Highway, between Sunrise Boulevard and SE 6th Street.
    The chosen canvas for this project is the north end of the Activity Center's exterior wall, measuring approximately 125 feet in width and 25 feet in length, totaling approximately 33,125 square feet. This prominent location along a bustling thoroughfare provides a unique opportunity for the creation of highly visible and vibrant artwork. The artwork will contribute significantly to the cultural landscape of the community and enhance the overall sense of place within the city.

    To apply, send your portfolio to the contact person for this RFP.