Treasure Island – Cityside Park Request For Proposals (RFP)- San Francisco, CA

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    San Francisco Arts Commission

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    San Francisco, California, United States

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    Paris Corz

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    [email protected]

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  • Brief Description

    The Treasure Island Art Master Plan sets forth a vision for the island to be known as a destination for the arts. The large-scale redevelopment of Treasure Island provides an unparalleled opportunity to commission bold, imaginative and forward-thinking contemporary art projects. The new artworks will embody the spirit of innovation that characterized the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition and will ensure an ongoing cultural legacy for the island. Treasure Island’s vibrant and robust art program will affirm its reputation as a remarkable place to live and visit and will establish it as a magnet for cultural tourism. Over the next 20 years, there will be multiple permanent and temporary art works commissioned for the island.

    This RFP announces the second permanent public art commission planned for the Treasure Island Art Program which follows the completion of the Point of Infinity sculpture by Hiroshi Sugimoto installed on Yerba Buena Island.


    • Engage and delight the viewer to enrich their experience of Cityside Park and help make it a destination for residents and visitors alike
    • Artwork may be whimsical, playful or interactive in nature (without having moving parts or being play equipment)
    • Enhance the viewer’s experience of the intended uses of the site by creating a work that will lift the spirits, inspire awe, laughter or joy
    • Consider the past and present character of Treasure Island and the new development that is emerging
    • Consider Treasure Island’s unique ecology and maritime environment of bright and brilliant sunshine, intense periods of fog and strong winds and its unique vantage point in the bay
    • Engage artists with a meaningful connection to the San Francisco Bay Area

    Project Description

    Situated on the western edge of Treasure Island with dramatic views of the Bay Bridge, downtown San Francisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge, Cityside Park is an attractive destination that will draw visitors and residents alike to partake in various forms of recreation and leisure along this spectacular waterfront. The entire Cityside Park is a 24-acre open space, 300 feet wide from the shore to Cityside Avenue and three-quarters of a mile in length. Oriented to deflect and reduce the prevailing northwesterly winds, the double allees of windrow blue gum trees are both utilitarian and formal, structuring space, framing views, and defining a series of large rooms, each of which has a specific program and identity. The character of Cityside Park will vary from more urban at the southern end to more rustic and natural at the northern end. There will be a wide range of activities for people, including picnic and barbecue areas, seating areas, flexible lawn spaces, an amphitheater and native plantings filtering storm water. The entirety of the waterfront is connected by a gracious promenade. The Cityside Park will be constructed in several phases over the next 5-10 years. The first phase of the park is the southern end and is the site for this art opportunity.


    The artwork opportunity is a pedestrian-scaled sculpture or series of sculptures installed along a pathway through the park. The proposed sculpture location may be a 10’ x 20’ paved area near an open lawn known as “The Bowl” (please see arrow in the image above), or in other accessible paved areas in the park. The adjacent lawn area is gently sloped towards the water and includes a small, paved stage, allowing for informal amphitheater type seating for events and performances. The views to the water and the San Francisco skyline are stunning from this location.

    The artwork will serve as a visual beacon for those on the waterfront promenade, inviting them into the park area. Final design of the paved area for the art and its precise location will be coordinated with the park design team. Construction of the park will soon begin; therefore, possible modifications to the park design are very limited. The art will not be located in the center of the lawn due to accessibility requirements. With the park’s proximity to the bay, the artwork should be constructed of the most durable materials, which will be evaluated by a fine arts conservator relative to its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions associated with a maritime environment.

    Please see commission document for full project information.Click here for the application form.

    Site location map in Treasure Island/Cityside Park