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    City of Newport, Oregon

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  • Location of Commission

    Newport, Oregon, United States

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    Erik Glover

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    [email protected]

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  • Brief Description

    A. Background

    The Ambassador, a metal and glass sculpture, created by metal artist, Sam Briseno, and glass artist, Theresa Kowalski, has graced Don and Ann Davis Park for almost 20 years. Its title is reflective of the outstretched and welcoming arms of this incredible piece of art. Unfortunately, the harsh weather environment of the central Oregon coast has taken the ultimate toll on The Ambassador.

    The city is seeking a replacement to The Ambassador. The design of the artwork will include iconic elements representative of the natural beauty of Newport, Lincoln County, and in particular, the ocean.

    B. Overview

    The City of Newport is a prime tourist destination and the population center of the Central Oregon Coast. Newport is the county seat of Lincoln County, and houses the offices of several federal and state agencies, including a major Coast Guard station, Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center, NOAA’s Pacific Marine Operations Center, the Oregon State Police, Oregon DMV, and Oregon Employment Division offices. The city is home to the Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital, and the main campus of the Oregon Coast Community College. OCCC is a premier educational institution and unique in its aquarist program. Its aquarist graduates are working in aquarium and research facilities throughout the country. Newport has a population of more than 10,000.

    The Yaquina River flows into the Pacific Ocean through Newport’s Yaquina Bay. Newport is home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, one of the country’s premier aquariums. A substantial commercial fishing fleet calls Newport home, as do several marine research vessels and a large number of private boats docked in marinas around the Bayfront. Newport is one of three deep-water ports on the Oregon Coast. Tonnage of shipping is second behind Coos Bay.

    Newport has often been described as the most authentic city on the entire Oregon Coast. The city boasts numerous fine shops, restaurants, galleries, lodging establishments, and endless outdoor recreational opportunities. Proximity to Portland and the Willamette Valley provides a strong tourism base, and the mid-latitude of Oregon provides RFP – Public Art to Replace The Ambassador 4 moderate rainfall during the winter and spring months, and mild temperatures.

    C. Source of Funds and Budget

    The City of Newport Public Arts Committee, in its 2022/2023 funding allocation, of approximately $45,000 for this project. The award amount for all the artwork shall not exceed a total of $45,000, and will include artist fees, travel, and all costs associated with the fabrication of the artwork, all aspects of installation (e.g., base, mounting mechanisms, contrivances or apparatuses), lighting considerations, delivery and installation. The City of Newport reserves the right to make more than one award. Multiple awards may be made, but the total amount of funding allocated for all artwork shall not exceed $45,000.

    D. Scope of Work

    This is a design-build project, meaning the artist or artist team is expected to design, fabricate, and install the piece within the project budget. Other considerations:

    1. If the artwork will include lighting, or other mechanical necessities, these details must be addressed in the proposal;

    2. The artisanship should include high construction quality with structural and surface soundness; resistance to theft, vandalism, weathering, and excessive maintenance or repair costs; and no hazard to public health or safety. Please note that the installation location will be exposed to coastal weather and the implication should be considered for proper wear and maintainability.

    Please see commission document for full project information and application instructions.