CODAmagazine: Editorial Calendar

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Month Call for Projects Projects Due Publication Date Description
February 2021 1/1/21 1/15/21 2/1/21 Healing Art VI: Art as a powerful healing force within healthcare facilities, wellness centers, liturgical spaces, and community installations. These projects help us to repair, soothe, and reflect, both inside and outdoors.
March 2021 2/1/21 2/15/21 3/1/21 Art that Commemorates: Inspirational art created to mark a significant historical event or honor a person or group, including monuments, memorials, figurative sculptures, paintings, and more. These projects strive to recognize important moments in history and encourage healing.
April 2021 3/1/21 3/15/21 4/1/21 Art with a Message III: Art created for the purpose of bringing about social change, or to raise awareness of social problems, through organizational efforts, creative visualizations, typography and text.
May 2021 - - - No Magazine
June 2021 5/1/21 5/15/21 6/1/21 Architectural Art V: Art as an intrinsic aspect of ceilings, floors, roofs, doors, interior and exterior walls, windows, and integrated within a building’s interior or exterior design. These projects are essential to the look and feel of the whole space.
July 2021 6/1/21 6/15/21 7/1/21 Art for the Outdoors: Art that is created to enhance our shared experience of the outdoors including parks, plazas, waterways, bridges, roundabouts, bike paths, and roadways.
August 2021 7/1/21 7/15/21 8/1/21 Technology & Art VIII: Enhancing the experience of art with digital technology: design + art projects use video, sound, 3D printing, interactive installations, conductive paint, augmented reality, and more.
September 2021 - - - 2021 CODAawards Winners
October 2021 9/1/21 9/15/21 10/1/21 The Living Form V: Celebrating animate organisms in all their diversity: design + art projects that dynamically characterize the natural life forms of our world through any artistic medium.
November 2021 10/1/21 10/15/21 11/1/21 Art of Transportation III: From airports to metro stations to roundabouts and everything in between: design + art projects transform and inspire our daily commute.
December 2021 11/1/21 11/15/21 12/1/21 The Magic of Color VIII: Exploring the use of color in innovative ways: design + art projects vividly showing the transformative qualities color has on the spaces where we live, work, and play.