The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place

October 12-14, 2022 McNichols Civic Center

Denver, Colorado

Industry Presentations

These 20-minute sessions feature top companies that collaborate with artists to create successful artwork installations. Industry presentations run in two simultaneous tracks, six at a time. Check the agenda for the order of each presentation. 


“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

  • •  Joe Riche — Owner at Demiurge

Insights into the Demiology of Demiurge.

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How to Fall in Love with your Engineering Experience

  • •  Alireza Lahijanian - Co-Founder, Rbhu Engineering
  • •  Eleanor Reynolds - Senior Engineer, Rbhu Engineering

Rbhu brings over 10 years of expertise specializing in engineering large-scale art sculptures, completing over 250 installations. In our presentation, we will dive into effective communication strategies with your engineering team, and how to get the most out of your experience. Please join us for an informative discussion on how to make the engineering process efficient, fun, and rewarding.


Delivering ROI Through Creative Content

  • •  Scott Hallock —  Managing Partner, North America, Limelight
  • •  Adam Brener — Partner, Corporate Development, Limelight

After 20 years of developing award-winning artistic content, Limelight has seen a dramatic shift in the expectations of corporate clients to deliver trackable, data-driven metrics to show “ROI.” Join Limelight’s Producers to get an inside view into how they developed unique, content-focused ways to generate additional reach and measurable lift in brand engagement through the power of social media, influencers, and PR by producing a Guinness Book of World Records, record-breaking spectacular in the heart of Las Vegas.


From the Mile High City of Colorado to a Tucked Away New York Town Making Incredible Things

•  Mike Price — Associate, UAP

Incredible things don't just happen; they're created nurtured, believed in. From vision to installation, across art, design, and creativity, our ability to find common ground between ambition and reality sets us apart. Join UAP's Mike Price as he presents this specially created fly-through video taking you to the floors of UAP, where a hundred strong creatives, consultants, designers, project managers, and craftspeople work on a slew of artworks throughout the 120,000-square-foot space in Rock Tavern, New York.


Evolving Your Toolkit 2.0

•  Mark Sabatino — President, Gizmo

Gizmo continues to meet ever changing demands from technology to provide artists with the right tools for their particular needs.

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Technology & Tradition: 3D Printing for Monumental Investment Casting

  • •  Libby CarruthLead Sculptor, Project Manager, FORM 3D
  • •  Eyal Chernichovsky — Process Engineer, Program Manager, FORM 3D

With a specialized, fine art perspective, we apply innovations in engineering, chemistry, and software for 3D printing applications with limitless scale. The need for molds is eliminated with directly investable 3D printed patterns.


Leveraging Digital Fabrication for Real World Applications

  • •  Brian McCutcheon — Owner & Creative Director
  • •  Zach Young — Senior Computational Designer & Fabrication Manager

Artists, designers, and architects need their fabricator to be fluent in leading-edge digital fabrication tools and methods - robotic & CNC fabrication, 3D printing, laser cutting, and more. Join Brian McCutcheon and Zach Young as they showcase how Ignition Arts implements advanced digital fabrication capabilities to realize complex creative visions.


Crafting the Rebirth of Technology

  • •  Joe Meppelink — Principal/Project Manager, METALAB
  • •  Ender MartosArtist, Tiburon

Learn more about the process behind the creation of Rebirth of Technology, a massive sculpture in Central Texas designed by artist Ender Martos and project managed by Metalab Studios. This presentation will provide video examples of how the team also employed digital storytelling to enhance the sculpture’s proposal, production and legacy.

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Striking the Balance: Analog & Digital

  • •  Keppie — Chief Development Officer
  • •  Daniel Plonski — Senior Project Manager

The Johnson Atelier has a 40 year history of collaborating with artists to design, produce, and restore works of art. Coupling these analog fabrication processes with current digital techniques: 3D Scanning, CAD, and CNC, helps foster innovative solutions and expands the artist’s capacity. Join the Johnson Atelier Digital team as they discuss recent projects that highlight the intersection of these two worlds.

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"This is Here Forever": Permanent Art in the Public Eye

•  Carol Warner — Studio Liaison

We’ll look at recently installed projects and highlight the artist’s experience, the collaborative nature of the fabrication process, the visual impact and thematic goals of each unique work, as well as share responses from the local community.

Mayor of Munich

Challenging the Immersive Entertainment through Generative & Interactive Playgrounds.

  • •  Tom Scalabre — Partner & Executive Creative Director
  • •  Juliette Buffard Scalabre — Head of Art Development & Studio Communications

How can we create a new generation of immersive and generative experiences? Interactive narration, artificial intelligence, and immersive design are shaping our future playgrounds, transforming individual and collective experiences into unique sensory moments.


The Role of Public Art in Dynamic Placemaking

  • •  Adam Pere — VP Creative Technology
  • •  Sean McChesney — Director of Experiential Technology Solutions

Public art has always played an important role in place-making. Today's technologies make it increasingly possible to evolve that role from a static one, to one that opens up dynamic, interactive, and equitable experiences that engage people and transform spaces, for good.

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