CODAworx Community Guidelines

As a global online community created to showcase and celebrate design + art collaborations, CODAworx cares about the connections that its members make with one another.

By giving members a platform to display their projects and providing them with the necessary framework to reach out to potential collaborators, we strive to ensure successful and productive interactions for all members.

Publish a Project with us and engage with our global design + art community.

Share your work.

If you were part of a collaborative design + art project in an interior and architectural space, we want you to share your work with CODAworx.

Make connections.

Scan our site and find the artist, designer, consultant, or industry resource you need for your next project. Send a message to any CODAworx member and reach out to prospective collaborators.

Be honest.

Include information and images on CODAworx that accurately represent you and your work. Ensure that the achievements and affiliations you list are correct and not misleading in any way.

Be professional.

Limit your communications to design/art. Upload only photos and text that relate to your projects and career.

Communicate responsibly.

Encourage constructive interactions within our community. Avoid sharing promotional content with other members and never ever spam.

Have fun.

Enjoy the array of amazing projects on CODAworx and showcase your own amazing work! Keep a portfolio of your favorite images, submit to CODAmagazine, enter the CODAawards, and engage with an international community of like-minded people.

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