Body Building: The Astounding Figurative Sculpture of Carole Feuerman

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | October 20, 2016

“Fine art sculpture” and “humor magazine” aren’t two terms you often associate with one another. But when the art is… Read More

Many Hands, Light Work: The Public Art of Bill FitzGibbons

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | September 22, 2016

“As a public artist, the people you meet who are the stakeholders for a project may not understand contemporary art or have the same understanding or appreciation for it that a curator does,” Bill FitzGibbons notes. “So how do you make them part of the process without compromising your aesthetic vision?” Answering that question, says FitzGibbons, is one of the things that drew him to public art in the first place. “Sculptors are, by nature, social animals,” he says. “Creating public art is really more of a social practice because it’s not something you can do on your own. Entering into a dialog with stakeholders, going to neighborhood and city meetings, incorporating time capsules—it’s part of what I love about this work.” Collaboration extends to creation of the work, where he relies on the expertise and skill of subcontractors—engineers, electricians, fabricators, masons, architects, and contractors—to help create his vision and execute a successful project. “You can’t be a public artist working by yourself in your studio trying to move thirty-foot I-beams around,” he laughs. “The LED technology I use in my work today is constantly changing, and each site has its own unique characteristics. I develop a rendering and lay out the fixtures I want for a particular project, but not all fixtures work the same way. While I know all of the system requirements, I’m not an electrical engineer, so the project becomes a big collaboration between myself, the structural engineers, electrical engineers, and others.”

Dyed in the Wool: The Custom Rugs of Barbara Barran

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | September 21, 2016

The term “custom” is bandied about the home décor world a great deal these days; advertisements and promises for custom… Read More

PUBLIC SHARE: Circa 1881 Offers a New Way to Experience Art in Public Spaces

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | September 14, 2016

Circa 1881 handles each exhibition process from start to finish—including the selection of works from its extensive inventory of private collections the company manages, coordinating and curating the exhibition, delivery, installation, insurance, permits, public relations, maintenance, security, and deinstallation—depending on the client’s needs.

Gaining STEAM: The Public Art of Jen Lewin

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | July 21, 2016

Before there was STEAM, there was Jen Lewin. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math have driven Lewin’s education and work… Read More

Interactive Artist Gains Exposure in NYC – RFP Toolkit Case Study

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | June 24, 2016

Interactive Artist Jen Lewin selected for NYCxDESIGN DESIGN PAVILION. Use the CODAworx RFP Toolkit to find an Interactive Artist.

Creative Edge Master Shop: Inspired Fabrication for Inspired Art

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | June 21, 2016

It’s probably fair to say that floors are the unheralded workhorses of our built environment. We tread not-so-lightly upon our… Read More

Looking Up: The Art of Daniel Goldstein

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | June 17, 2016

It’s hard to say which is more remarkable: a chance meeting with your idol in New York City, or that… Read More

Join Your Colleagues in Boston!

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | May 26, 2016

CODAworx is partnering with Americans for the Arts Public Art Network (PAN), the only professional network dedicated to advancing public… Read More

Seeing Magic: The Public Art of Catherine Widgery

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | May 19, 2016

Public artist Catherine Widgery is on a mission to enliven our perceptions and engage our brains, to awaken us to… Read More