Introducing… the CODAworx Fabricator Referral Service

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | February 22, 2018

New cities, new mediums, new techniques — now a reality for artists, architects, designers, and marketing agencies

The creative professionals we work with keep pushing boundaries – taking their artwork in new directions. The only problem is that this often means a lack of connections to the industry professionals needed to get the job done. CODAworx is happy to make those connections for you. Let us be your matchmaker, with our new CODAworx Fabricator Referral Service.

From Urban Media Gestures to Spatial Micro-Meditations: Brian W. Brush Creates Geometric Designs of Light, Color, and Form

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | February 14, 2018

“I regard light as a material,” says artist and lighting designer Brian W. Brush’s whose scintillating architectural installations harness refractive and reflective materials to impart a sense of movement and complexity inspired by parametric design. Whether constructed from anodized aluminum, fiber optic cables, polycarbonate, or a data-driven LED lights, each takes flight from a similar concept. At their foundation is a single, autonomous component that, when duplicated hundreds or thousands of times, produces a complex and dynamic organism all its own. They also begin with a similar goal: to engage individual viewers in a shared experience, whether that be to learn something new, identify with a local landmark, or even interact with the responsive qualities of a piece itself.

Crafting Light: Custom Lighting Design by Adam Jackson Pollock and Fire Farm

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | January 18, 2018

“I started recognizing light as a medium in and of itself,” recalls artist Adam Jackson Pollock, whose career in custom lighting design grew out of his early years in photography and stage lighting. Fascinated with the ways light can alter or even create an environment, he says “I realized you could use it to paint emotion and experience into space.” Pursuing the notion that lighting designs can fulfill additional environmental needs, Pollock’s recent projects take responsive design to new levels.

Webinar: How to Commission Art in Your Healthcare Environment

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | December 20, 2017

In this webinar CODAworx RFP Specialist Stefanie O’Keefe discusses how to determine your art requirements, finding the right artist, managing RFPs for artwork, and using digital tools to streamline the commission workflow process in healthcare environments. This presentation is from The Center for Health Design Icons & Innovators webinar series.

Art as Translation: Konstantin Dimopoulos’ Art Installations Tackle Complex Concepts with Visual Language

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | November 16, 2017

“Trees don’t care if they are blue,” says conceptual and social artist Konstantin Dimopoulos discussing his wildly successful environmental art installations, The Blue Trees. “They just don’t want to be cut down.”

Wimberley Glassworks’ Custom Blown Glass Installations Complement Space and Place

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | November 14, 2017

When asked what drew him to creating large-scale blown glass lighting designs, Canadian-born glass-blower Tim deJong recalls a wintery visit to Niagara Falls many years ago. As evening fell, the frozen mist that covered the light posts began to refract into myriad colors. “The light shining on those water crystals was coming up fiber optically,” deJong remembers. “That’s when I knew I wanted to work with glass. It’s the closest thing to ice and it lasts forever.”

How Collaboration Leads to Integrated Healthcare Art Programs

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | November 1, 2017

Collaboration is the key to outstanding healthcare art programs that meet both individual facility goals and create integrated visual experiences. Enjoy this webinar by Barbara Harriman, IIDA, President and Creative Director of Distinctive Art Source for The Center for Health Design Icons & Innovators webinar series.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CODAworx Introduces General Liability Insurance Program for Commission Artists

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | October 30, 2017

CODAworx, the hub of the commissioned art economy, today announced a new General Liability Insurance Program for artists. The first of its kind and created specifically for commission artists, it covers certain liability claims that arise out of the installation of commissioned artwork on-site.

Telling Stories: Gordon Huether’s Large-Scale Installations Tackle Time, Space and Identity

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | October 24, 2017

If you are fortunate enough to find yourself stuck in traffic with Gordon Huether, your very perception of time and space may just be altered. “Everyone has sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic,” the sculptor says by way of explaining his fascination with nature’s effect on man-made objects. “Maybe at some point you’re behind a beat-up old truck. And maybe it has stains and rust patterns on it.” Or take for example the weeds pushing up a poured sidewalk, he continues, or bird droppings splattered along an exterior wall. “Humanity is so preoccupied with making things, manipulating things,” he says. “But nature has a way of taking things back.”

Form, Flow, and Essence: Rosetta’s Bronze Animal Sculptures Capture Grace in Motion

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | October 18, 2017

Years before she cast her bronze animal sculptures, Rosetta had been honing the “stylized realism” that characterizes her work. A… Read More