Commission Accomplished: Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | May 2, 2013

Susan Venable’s mixed-media wall pieces bring color to the boardroom of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, lending a spirit of lively inspiration to a place of healing. Read More

Artist Feature: Michael Ireland

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | April 25, 2013

Having found his passion as a watercolorist, Michael Ireland didn’t want to switch media when he felt called to work larger. The delicate simplicity of his large landscapes evokes serenity and resilience—one reason why so many healthcare providers have commissioned Ireland’s work. Read More

Commission Tips: Maintaining Installed Artwork

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | April 17, 2013

A work of commissioned art does not, of course, end with its installation. With some basic care, commissioned works of art will be enjoyed for years to come. We asked five experienced artists to describe their own maintenance plans. Read More

Visual Communication: From Artist Imagination to Project Proposal

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | April 16, 2013

Sculptor Jean Jacques Porret used an existing sculpture, sketches, models, and decades of experience to create a new artwork commission for homeowners in Indianapolis. Read More

Commission Accomplished: Southern Adventist University

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | April 4, 2013

A commissioned relief sculpture provides “big impact” for Southern Adventist University’s newly renovated presidential suite, reflecting the spirit of the school’s mission. Read More

Artist Feature: Jeff Smith

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | March 27, 2013

In his twenty-five year career as an architectural stained glass artist, Jeff Smith has studied with some of the world’s leading glass and design masters, and has artwork commissions throughout North America. Today he finds solace and satisfaction at his studio in the “mountains” of West Texas. Read More

Commission Tips: Scheduling Artist Payments

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | March 20, 2013

While the traditional payment schedule of “50% down, 50% upon completion” still holds for many artists, for others this model no longer complements the division of labor for a commissioned work of art. We asked four artists to share the details of their payment schedules. Read More

Visual Communication: From Artist Imagination to Project Proposal

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | March 15, 2013

A sketch for a proposed public art project for T-Mobile and the City of Cupertino, CA, helped to give artist Riis Burwell the confidence he needed to try a new style of sculpture. Read More

Commission Accomplished: Fire Station 150, Santa Clarita, CA

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | March 7, 2013

A 2012 mural commissioned by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission pays homage to the men and women of Fire Station 150—and to the muralists of the 19th century. Read More

Artist Feature: Jon Michael Route

By CodaEditor CodaEditor | February 28, 2013

Wisconsin artist Jon Michael Route began his career in architectural metals and jewelry before beginning his nearly thirty-year career as an independent craft artist. An “incurable romantic” for metal, Route is finding new artistic energy in moving his studio to an old building. Read More