Highlights from CODAsummit

Thank you to everyone who attended, each and every one of you helped make this event a huge success. Among all that was shared, below are some of the ideas, moments, and memorable presentations that inspired us at this CODAsummit:

Jason Bruges

The studious and resourceful Bruges creates what others cannot

After a fascinating introduction from Barbara Tober, Jason Bruges did not disappoint.  Speaking confidently and including interesting details about how he and his collaborators approach problems while staying authentic to an artistic vision, Bruges showcased various projects and explained many of the efforts which make them so impressive. A key part of his presentation was about Digital Phyllotaxy, a stunning tree-like project located in Seoul, which won the Commercial category award at the 2022 CODAawards. 

Tam Gryn 

Lucid explanations and insights from Gryn helped CODAsummit attendees make sense of NFTs

Author, art curator, and NFT expert Tam Gryn brought excitement and clarity to a topic which can often be misunderstood. She emphasized how the future and the perception of value in the digital world is changing. Topics Gryn covered included the Medicis as patrons of the arts, the massive growth of the video game industry, and how artists today are empowered. Gryn is helping guide the CODAMADE team, and her perspective is informed by her longtime involvement in this technology field.  

Charmaine Minniefield  

An ovation commenced before Minniefield even finished her powerful presentation, which featured video, song, and memorable remarks

It began with a video and a song that built up to an intense finale, and members of the audience were moved. They applauded enthusiastically once both concluded, and as soon as activist-artist Minniefield began speaking more about her brilliant Praise House project, her exceptional oratorical skills were a joy to experience. Minniefield’s presentation was one of the best at this CODAsummit because she energized people and encouraged reflection on difficult topics. Communicating her passion for social justice and curiosity about history, she invites people to learn. 

Nathan Lachenmyer and Sadiya Akasha 

Their philosophy of reconnection to nature, storytelling, and the aspects of art and technology which elicit our humanity was inspirational

Lachenmyer and Akasha know that the machines of tomorrow do not have to scare us or make us nervous. Approaching technology with considerations about what the future may hold, their ideas and designs are simultaneously quirky and logical, like much else in life. By thinking deeply about the potential for even more human and machine co-existence, Lachenmyer and Akasha help us prepare for a time which seems inevitable, yet not necessarily so clinical. Whether helping people find community at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute or entertaining visitors at the Tate Modern with AI, this team has found different and impressive ways to connect with others. Their company, Sitara Systems, is one you should follow closely.