Three Public Art Projects for the Interchange Project

  • Commissioning Entity:
  • Budget: $275000
  • Open Date: 6/3/13
  • Commissioning Location: United States
  • Geographic Eligibility: Open to Minnesota artists and artist teams of no more than two people. Artists must have experience developing at least one project for a public or private sector client and experience in engaging the
  • Close Date: 6/10/13

Brief Description

The Minnesota Ballpark Authority and Hennepin County are seeking to incorporate public art into the Interchange Project, a 21st Century transit hub and community gathering space. The three projects are: • Granite wall backdrop for the Cascade Amphitheater, $190,000 budget; • Two cisterns located near the parking garage, $60,000 budget; • Bench/seating area at the top of the Cascade stairs, $25,000 budget Three themes have been identified for this effort: Community gathering, sustainabilit