Tampa International Airport

  • Commissioning Entity: Tampa International airport
  • Budget: $3100000
  • Open Date: 06/10/2019
  • Commissioning Location: United States
  • Geographic Eligibility: All
  • Close Date: 07/17/2019

Brief Description

Tampa International airport is in the midst of the largest expansion in its history and is seeking to commission artists or artist teams to create bold, innovative public art projects for Phase 2 of the program. We are the facilitators and enablers of millions of experiences every year. Travelers making their way, both near and far, have entrusted us to serve as the beginning of new endeavors and the culmination of adventures had. More than an origin point or destination, we embrace our role as a part of a bigger whole, the journey. https://www.tampaairport.com/journey-call-artists-2019 http://www.tampaairport.com/PublicArt?mc_cid=cd0a6737d3&mc_eid=858bb6c3a0

  • Contact Name: James Hanney
  • Contact Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Phone: (813) 801-6028