RFQ: Public Safety Training Academy

  • Commissioning Entity:
  • Budget: $15000
  • Open Date: 8/17/15
  • Commissioning Location: United States
  • Geographic Eligibility: This RFQ is open to all professional artists residing in the state of Alaska. Applicants must be visual artists. Applications from architects, landscape architects or other design professionals will
  • Close Date: 9/30/15

Brief Description

In general, the Art Selection Committee is interested in commissioning artwork that is related to the mission and core values of the users of the facility. Artwork should have a connection to the State of Alaska as whole, as recruits and trainees come from and serve all areas of the state. Specific themes developed by the Art Committee include honoring the users of the facility as Guardians of the community, honoring the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and recognizing the diversity of the Trai