RFQ: Portland Pathways

  • Commissioning Entity: b-side
  • Budget: $2782
  • Open Date: 2018-02-08
  • Commissioning Location: United Kingdom
  • Geographic Eligibility: Other
  • Close Date: 2018-02-19

Brief Description

We would like to commission an artist to respond to information gathered by the community research team to create work in any media that animates footpaths and informs and engages visitors to Portland over the 9 day period of the b-side festival in September 2018. We would like the work to incorporate walks and talks in some form and to link to an associated map based guide to the footpaths. The artist/s would be welcome to join the research team and contribute to, collaborate on or incorporate the production of the map as part of their work. NB A separate budget covers design and print for the map