RFQ: Caribou MSP Airport North Terminal Art

  • Commissioning Entity: Caribou MSP Airport
  • Budget: $12000
  • Open Date: 02/01/2019
  • Commissioning Location: United States
  • Geographic Eligibility: Applicants in country of installation
  • Close Date: 02/14/2019

Brief Description

Caribou MSP Airport, a Minnesota Joint Venture, is in the process of designing a new flagship location at MSP International Airport, Terminal 1 at the entrance of the North Checkpoint Main Mall. The construction portion of this project will commence on or around August 1, 2019 and be completed by mid-October, 2019. The goal of the project is to provide an attractive, unique, inspiring design that engages travelers, provides a point of interest and positive coffee house experience. The commissioned art work includes one unique wall installation made from natural materials that helps identify the Caribou brand. The wall is located along the main customer entry path.