RFP: Prospectus #232 FANTASE Fest 2015

  • Commissioning Entity:
  • Budget: $5000
  • Open Date: 3/10/15
  • Commissioning Location: United States
  • Geographic Eligibility: This request for qualifications is open to all artists or artist teams who are legal residents of New Mexico. Artists in all stages of their careers are encouraged to apply.
  • Close Date: 3/22/15

Brief Description

Proposed artworks should be light-based art projects created for this one-day event that celebrate, explore, and expand the definition of Santa Fe's unique identity as a city and that foster a sense of place. The event will start around 6pm of June 20 and run until approximately 12am. The artwork must be visible in daylight and darkness. It may have an accompanying sound element or be strictly visual. The work can be interactive or not. Wi-Fi will not be available in the park. *** Th