RFP: Native artist for Main Street Square Medicine Wheel Bench

  • Commissioning Entity: First Peoples Fund and Native POP Art Market and Cultural Celebration
  • Budget: $30000
  • Open Date: 01/11/2018
  • Commissioning Location: United States
  • Geographic Eligibility: Other
  • Close Date: 01/31/2018

Brief Description

First Peoples Fund is part of a collaborative of Rapid City-based nonprofits that is seeking a Native artist affiliated with a South Dakota tribe to carve and/or sandblast a piece of granite located in the center of a Lakota medicine in front of Main Street Square in downtown Rapid City. The stone to be carved is a large granite bench in front of the two granite spires at the intersection of Main and Sixth Streets. It is located in the center of a large Lakota medicine wheel made of colored concrete embedded in the walkway. An optional additional element at the artist’s discretion is carving a large granite boulder that is part of a Lucite wall near the central granite piece