RFP: Downtown New Ulm Mural Project

  • Commissioning Entity: The New Ulm Downtown Action Team
  • Budget: $
  • Open Date: 2021-06-21
  • Commissioning Location: United States
  • Geographic Eligibility: All
  • Close Date: 2021-07-15

Brief Description

The New Ulm Downtown Action Team is seeking qualified artist(s) or artist team to create a mural in the city’s historic downtown at 1st North and North Minnesota Streets. The artwork will be displayed on the building’s exterior wall of the Nuvera building for visitors in the downtown area. Your artwork, whether it be graphic design or a physical painting, will be in a framed 20’ x 80’ art medium. The artwork will not be directly on the building. The artwork will be printed on billboard material that will then be placed in a frame.

There will be an initial review by the Mural committee. The artists selected from the initial review will then be invited to present renderings and detailed work proposals, including project timelines, and a budget. The selected artist(s) will receive a grant to assist with project-related expenses, such as supplies, materials, liability insurance, and artist’s fees.