Pearson Acres Park – City of Frisco, TX

  • Commissioning Entity: The City of Frisco Public Art Program
  • Budget: $42000
  • Open Date: 06/06/2019
  • Commissioning Location: United States
  • Geographic Eligibility: All
  • Close Date: 06/28/2019

Brief Description

The public art should reflect the history of the site as a dairy farm and serve as a tribute to Mr. Pearson’s service to the community. Interactive and/or educational art is preferred. See site history below. The public art at Pearson Acres Park should: – Be a freestanding, outdoor public artwork suitable to be viewed from all angles. – Represent the site as described above. – Be welcoming to visitors and be safe and hazard-free. – Be made of low-maintenance, durable materials that are resistant to vandalism. All materials must be approved by City of Frisco staff. Special attention should be given to potential heat issues in the summer months. Please Apply Here: