First Basin Credit Union Headquarters

  • Commissioning Entity: First Basin Credit Union (FBCU), in partnership with Odessa Arts
  • Budget: $120000
  • Open Date: 2019-06-27
  • Commissioning Location: United States
  • Geographic Eligibility: All
  • Close Date: 2019-07-01

Brief Description

The art work submitted should be prominent and proportional to its surroundings. The artist should incorporate the theme of “wind” into the artwork, as wind is a direct reflection of West Texas. The piece can be created through a kinetic sculpture, stationary sculpture, a sculpture that is abstract or through other means. The artist is invited to define “wind” as they depict it – for example, through energy, power, spirit, motion, strength, force or whisper. The art work should be designed to hold-up through the extreme weather conditions of West Texas, including intense sunlight, heat and wind. The piece should be designed to last at least 20 years with minimal maintenance and should not exceed 35’ in height.