William Snyder III

Visual Artist William is an award-winning visual artist, designer and sculptor, working with corporations and individuals to make vision a reality. He specializes in large-scale collaborative and community projects involving large numbers of participants.

Julie Conway

Artist Julie owns ILLUMINATA ART GLASS DESIGN, specializing in custom art glass lighting and architectural installations. Since 1997, she has forged her studio practice by blending traditional techniques with contemporary design aesthetic.

Jen Lewin

Interactive Sculptor Jen's highly technical installations combine light, sound and motion to encourage playful interaction. Her exhibitions have been created for international events, including Vivid Sydney and iLight Marina Bay.

BJ Katz

Glass Artist BJ founded Meltdown Glass in 1993 and since has become an industry leader in the creation of glass installations for architecture, interiors and fine art. Her artwork is commissioned by a wide variety of design professionals and public art agencies.

Melissa Borrell

Designer Melissa has extensive experience in design innovation and fabrication. Her Austen-based studio creates public art, residential commissions, and designs custom products for clients such as the MoMA and Hyatt Hotels.

Vicki Scuri

Designer and Public Artist Vicki has thirty years of collaborative design experience and has won numerous awards for her work. She creates sustainable, community-inspired projects and public art plans by integrating functionality, environment and vision.

Alejando Sina

Light Artist Alejandro pioneered the technique of using glass and luminous gases to create unique artworks while he was a Fulbright fellow at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies. He specializes in creating interactive, kinetic works with light and color.

Gordon Huether

Artist Gordon has been creating site-specific art for all types of architecture for almost 30 years. His portfolio includes 70 public and 165 private commissions in a variety of mediums.

Tracy Lynn Pristas

Visual Artist Tracy Lynn has created over 25 commissioned painting projects, including works for film and television. Her career highlights include painting in the movie "Break-Up" and on the hit television series "Drop Dead Diva."

David B. Dahlquist

Public Artist David is the Creative Director of RDG Dahlquist Art Studio, which specializes in the integration of artwork within architecture and the landscape. David and his studio have completed over 60 major public art installations across the country.

Anthony Castronovo

Sculptor Anthony's work combines elements of traditional sculpture, such as hot metal casting in aluminum and bronze, with interactive technologies, robotics, and solar power. Public and private clients throughout the US have commissioned his work since 2003.

Jordan Parnass

Architect Jordan has created numerous award-winning dynamic sculptural installations and interactive environments world-wide. Each project engages with its architectural surroundings to project beauty, inspire wonder, and create a sense of place.