The CODAworx RFP Toolkit:

Built for Public Art Agents and Art Consultants

We designed the CODAworx RFP Toolkit with one goal: to simplify your job of finding outstanding artists and creatives for your art commissions. As the project manager for creative projects, we know you are busy and every hour of the work day is precious. With the click of a button, our RFP Toolkit technology targets the right artists and creatives, experienced in building beautiful projects on timeline and budget, for your art commissions.

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It’s simple!

 •  CODAworx has a global network of creatives.

 •  Don’t just post a call: create an opportunity.

 •  Find your next public artist, creative professional, or fabricator.

 •  We’re more than just a listing service: we’re a project management solution.

The CODAworx RFP Toolkit works hard so you don’t have to.

•  Simple pricing - no addons EVER.

•  Simple call setup - intuitive layout.

•  Simple application form - uniform visuals.

•  Simple online jurying - flexible and UNLIMITED.

•  Always FREE for artists.

Here's what's included in the RFP Toolkit:


RFP Blast

Announce Your Artist Call to the CODAworx Network

Want to give your artist call a bump? Promote it to exceptional artists with our RFP Blast tool. RFP Blasts are sent to artists and creative professionals in targeted categories based on their profession and the type of work they do.


RFP Manage

Manage application materials in one place

Applicants submit materials through a simple, easy to use form and our RFP Manage tool automatically organizes everything for you. With our RFP Manage tool, you can collect information from artists and creative professionals about previous work, recent commissions and you can view their work on the CODAworx website.


RFP Select

Review and evaluate applications

Provide your committee with an easy-to-use structure to score applications using RFP Select. Blind rounds, multiple rounds, scoring systems, no problem. The RFP Select tool gives you the power to customize your evaluation process and complete your selection process quickly and efficiently.

CODAworx RFP Team offers unparalleled customer support for artists and administrators.

 - Receive expertly-guided help at every stage of the process.

 - Get the help and support you need via phone, text or email.

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Ours is a grassroots community effort to commission a major art work to celebrate excellence in education and honor all teachers and staff, public and private, in the Waunakee Community School District. We are fortunate to have selected an internationally renowned artist for our sculpture project. The CODAworx team is knowledgeable, responsive and flexible. They brought us a great result for great value!

Kevin Laffey

Waunakee Area Public Arts Committee

More than anything, the great thing about working with CODAworx is the ability to utilize one central site for everything. I can search for artists and ideas, and then use the online RFP Toolkit to send out a call, view applicants, and share with others. Plus, I can reach out directly to the CODAworx staff for help if I need it. I recommend CODAworx to both artists and organizations working on commissioned projects. CODAworx is a great resource.

Tracy Ramseur

City Of Greenville

We decided to use the CODAworx RFP eblast tool to boost our outreach on a recent project. We ended up with 269 applications (a significant increase!) representing many new artists. We were very pleased with both the number of artists who responded and the high quality of the work represented.

Roberta Bloom, Public Art Coordinatro

City of Aurora