Toni Sikes: Transforming Spaces

Welcome to the April issue of CODAmagazine, where we share the best design + art projects from all over the world. This magazine is published once a month by CODAworx. We’re an online community for artists, design professionals, and industry resources to showcase their work, collaborate with one another, and find the creative resources they need for future projects.


The word “transforming” represents one of the most important concepts in existence because it can communicate and define some of the most essential qualities of reality. Transforming Spaces, our theme for this issue of CODAmagazine, implies change – change from what a space was before, to what it is after.  Here at CODAworx, we have seen thousands of examples of how creatives – artists, designers, and their collaborators – literally turn a dark and dingy space into one of light and joy.  Or worse, a dull and boring environment into one filled with energy and creativity.  That’s what our creative magicians do, and we take great pride in introducing you to 25 outstanding projects that exemplify the concept of transformation.


Hoteliers interested in impressing hotel guests frequently do not depend on just providing good service. They know how profitable a hotel can become if guests are so enamored with it that they choose to visit again or recommend the hotel to others. One of the most fascinating hotels in the world is the Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Creative agency MASSIVart and Sid Lee Architecture helped add art and design concepts to the building, developing a story which already includes culturally significant moments such as the “Give Peace a Chance” recording John Lennon and Yoko Ono performed there. Parts of the Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth resemble a gallery, and a mix of styles establishes an atmosphere that is at once rare and memorable.  Talk about transformation!


I smile when I consider the impact design and art commissions have had on a multitude of spaces all over the world. Astonishing ideas have maximized what spaces can offer, placemaking has contributed to the beauty of landscapes, and people enjoy life in spaces designed for gatherings. Using technology and interaction, creatives are already establishing links to new realities and opening up further possibilities. 


New spaces undoubtedly await us. My aim is for CODAworx and CODAmagazine to continue to acknowledge and help in transforming spaces, as I believe the integration of art and design is only just beginning.