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ZooMiami – Amazon & Beyond Immersive Mural Environment

Submitted by Eric Karbeling

Client: Zoo Miami

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Eric Karbeling

Zoo Graphics and Exhibitry Manager

Julia Klumb


Immersive mural environment with frog, parrot, & abstract murals covering 3 walls and 10 pillars at the beginning of the Amazon & Beyond section of Zoo Miami.


Animals and wild places are disappearing, right here in our backyard and across the globe.

Zoo Miami walls invites artists and muralists to use their creativity and passion for visual representation to help us tell a story about wildlife, conservation and the fragility of our natural world. In the "Amazon & Beyond" section of the Zoo, my goal was to tell a story and highlight the beauty of the amazon's wildlife and vibrant colors.

The murals also aimed to draw people into the new exhibits in this section as well as serve as a place for Zookeeper talks and guest interaction with the animals.