Zenith Women - CODAworx

Zenith Women

Submitted by Katie McIntyre

Client: Art in Space

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $500,000

Project Team

Art, VFX, Technical Design

Katie McIntyre

Katie McIntyre Studio

Exhibition Space

Art in Space


Healing the sins of patriarchy Returning home to femininity Planet Ka-An looks a lot like Earth except there are real life superheroes. These are not the superheroes you Earthlings are used to. They have no spider webs or bat caves or flying capes. They aren’t titans of industry or conquerers of land or captains of capitalism. They aren’t girl bosses or bad asses or freedom fighters or heavy hitters or trailblazers or content creators or go getters or wheelers and dealers or movers and shakers. They do not subscribe to grind culture. They are still. They are slow. They are calm. They exist in the feminine future; a post patriarchal state of serenity. They bathe. They dream. They breathe. They are attracting not chasing. They are larger than life. Free from the fight. Givers of light. All hail Zenith Women. Art Created by Katie McIntyre and Music by Anjulie. Anjulie Persaud, known as Anjulie, is an Indo-Guyanese producer, singer, songwriter and web 3 music artist. She has collaborated and cowritten with Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clakrson, Diplo, Zedd, Boombox Cartel,TheFatRat, and Benny Benassi, among others. She has produced 10 female led NFT projects and her work has been featured on Foundation, Super Rare and Crypto dot com. She has a partnership with Decentraland Games and


This artwork was a revolutionary work exhibited in the gulf, designed to celebrate female empowerment and reimagine the female body as divine rather than something to be ashamed of. The goals of the work to create a beautiful, historical, and forward thinking expression of womanhood to add a unique moment in art history as well as push humanity forward in its understanding of the sanctity of woman.